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About The Herbster Studio Art Tour

This year is the 15th annual Herbster Studio Art Tour!

Along the beautiful shores of Lake Superior, the Herbster Studio Art Tour is a special opportunity to meet and experience the inspired works of print makers, weavers, painters, woodworkers, quilters, jewelers, ceramic artists, & fiber artists. Artists will open their galleries and home studios, showcasing a wide diversity of artistic talent.

The Herbster Studio Art Tour in August, and the Bayfield County Art Escape in September, are committed to creating a vibrant community with an opportunity for kids and adults to learn and explore their artistic side with free in studio classes.

A special thanks to CBAC for the incredible support they have granted to our organization.

A Truly Unique Studio Art Tour

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This mission of the Herbster Studio Art Tour (HSAT) is to:

  • Promote the creative arts within Herbster/Town of Clover.

  • Encourage relationships with the artist community, and between artists and the broader Herbster/Town of Clover community.


Guidelines for the HSAT are approved by the members of the Herbster Studio Art Tour Association, which consists of all artists participating in the studio tour.New artists are welcomed into the tour through an application process.Guidelines include:


  • Requirements to participate in the HSAT are that you are a resident of Herbster/Town of Clover for at least part of the year, a creator of original art, and a member of the Herbster Studio Art Tour Association.


  • Intent to participate in the HSAT must be communicated to the Association no later than February 1st in the year of the studio tour for new and returning members.


  • Fees to cover annual expenses are divided among participating artists and must be paid in a timely manner.For returning members, dues for HSAT are due April 1st.New members will pay dues once their application has been accepted, by April 1st to insure inclusion in printed materials.


  • Each artist is expected to provide assistance in the promotion and execution of the tour.


  • The HSAT Association reserves the right to close membership in the Association when a majority of members believe that additional tour sites will have a deleterious effect on the studio tour.


  • The HSAT Association uses its website to advertise the annual Herbster Studio Art Tour and to provide contact information for participating artists.


  • The HSAT takes place during the third weekend of August.


  • Participating artists may elect to have guest artists share their studio.Guest artists need not reside in Herbster/Town of Clover but must pay dues equal to the participating resident artists.The participating artists will provide guest artists with an exhibition space, and a presence within the brochure.

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